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Good morning lovelies! Just want to share a thought with you today, that will hopefully prevent you from what I experienced yesterday: I got scammed by a fraudulent webshop. Stupid me! 

In my search for the perfect black wedges I stumbled upon the Cheap Monday Monolit pony hair boots. Sold out everywhere, both online and in stores. Something that I felt was not possible, since they were going to be my next purchase. I just had not searched in the right places. Right? So when I found a website that still sold the boots AND still had all available sizes in stock (DING DING! Alarm nr. one!) my heart did a little jump of joy. I checked out the website a bit to see if I was not going to get scammed and decided to give it a go. Pay Pal worked its magic and I would be the proud owner of these beauties in just 10 or 20 days, according to the shipping information on the website.

Happily ever after. Right? I had not received any kind of confirmation of my order by the way, but somehow I did not notice it missing. (DING DING! Alarm nr. two!) The shipping information also stated that if I would not receive my package within 20 days that I should contact them. So I did. After 20 days. After 22 days. And after 25 days. No reaction what so ever from this strange company that I now noticed actually had a really strange website. There were two 'home' buttons and some of the pages did not have any content. Why had I not seen this before? (DING DING! Alarm nr. 3 and 4!)

When I asked my BF to take a look at the website he immediately told me that I got scammed. Big time. Luckily for me I was able to get my money back via the dispute settlement page on my Pay Pal account, but I learned my lesson. Never buy anything from a webshop that does not display the right information and customer service. Also always check out websites like Scambook, because once I started looking online for a review of this website I saw that I was clearly not the first one that got scammed. 

Be careful girls and NEVER buy any thing from! And I can tell you that this whole experience changed my appreciation for offline shopping for the better. 
Happy Sunday my loves and remember: DO NOT GET SCAMMED! :-)

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