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Goooood morning my friends! Today it is Friday and I bet you are just as excited for the weekend as I am! Being sick and all left me with an enormous workload this week and I am glad that I am almost back on track. 

As I told you earlier, I am on the hunt for the perfect sunnies and what better way than to start with trying on a classic Ray-Ban aviator? Classic Ray-Bans always seem to look so stylish on everyone, accept for me though. Somehow, both the aviator and wayfarer just do not suit me. But as I know that your judgement is trustworthy, I leave it up to you to decide whether Aviators should be my go to sunnies or not. :-) So what do you think? Should I go for these or should I go on with THE SEARCH?

What are your go to sunnies? Are you sticking tot he classics or are you more the adventurous type? Happy weekend!

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