Outfit | First Day Of Spring!


Pictures by Bram van Essen 

Happy monday my sweets! Somebody got scammed yesterday? Not if you read yesterday's post, because then you would know that I am the only fool that got scammed this weekend. :-) So if you did not read that article yet, please do so before you are the next victim of internet crime. 

Anyway, you probably were not even shopping on the internet yesterday, because most likely you were enjoying the sun! Yes! A real sun! With real rays of light that radiate warmth and spring feelings. Finally. Swoon! I enjoyed that feeling at one of my favorite places in Amsterdam (and in my neighborhood!): Roest. I think it is one of the most random places that I have ever seen in this city and that is exactly why I like it. There is a mini beach, a mini club, there are art exhibitions and no one takes your order. Lovely. So if you like randomness too, please come and visit me over there sometime. :-) 

How did you spend the first day of Spring?


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