Outfit | Ripped Jeans and Heels


Picture by Bram van Essen


Up until now, walking in heels without any straps around the ankles seemed impossible to me. I used to stumble and fall every two minutes and not look very ladylike wearing them. Up until now that is, because in my search for the perfect and wearable heels I found the H&M trend wedges! Wedges are always more friendly to the feet and somehow, these ones fit me like a glove. (Feet & gloves? Not really an expression I guess, but you know what I mean.. ;)) Owning these beauties make me feel like I belong to the real world now! 

And although they go with almost everything, I like wearing mine in combination with a ripped boyfriend jeans. Feminine and boyish at the same time: exactly how I like it. I promise to shoot some outfit pics wearing this combo later this week, but to not keep you waiting too long I selected my two favorite looks from Yara and Camille wearing (yes!) boyfriend jeans and heels. 

What is your favorite jeans and heels combination? Have a lovely day!

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