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Happy Sunday my sweets! As I was off the radar the past two days, I want to make it up to you by showing you my research on where to buy the best Balenciaga knock-offs. As you will probably have noticed already, these boots are it this spring. They might even be on their way to beat the popular beanie in a few weeks. You probably also noticed that I am a sucker for chunky boots with some serious statement hardware. Preferably in the combination of black leather and silver hardware. Until now that is, because I am in love with the gold buckled version of the Balenciaga Cutout Boot. Although I am still rocking my Zara biker boots (and I will be like, forever), the Balenciaga cutouts make these chunky boots pretty wearable in warmer temperatures. So in fact, these boots are my only chance to rock my beloved biker look this summer! I must tell you that my heart skipped a beat when I realized that fact and so I found myself searching online for those black booties. 

Reality hit after like five minutes, when I also realized that these boots were never going to be my possession in a million years. Retailing at €1035,31 makes that my booties are in a price galaxy far, far away. Luckily that problem has occurred before and experience shows that often budget friendlier options are available. Yes, with an emphasis on budget friendlier that is, because these knock offs are not that cheap either. Saving up for them is a possibility though and so, I find myself dreaming of wearing these boots with denim cut offs to the music festivals I will be attending this summer. And that is where I need your help: I would love to know which knock off version you like best! I tend to like the gold buckled Roscoe boot, but I am not sure yet. 

Are you into this cutout boot trend or are these booties a little too chunky for you? Would love to know! Enjoy your Sunday my sweets and talk to you soon!

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