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Good morning my sweets! What a lovely day to introduce you to my new baby: a 20mm pancake lens for my Samsung NX 200 camera! As I never used the zoom function on my other lens (55-80mm) I figured that a pancake lens would be enough for me. Another advantage being that the camera has now almost sized down to a point-and-shoot camera. I still have to figure out the possibilities of this lens a bit, but as the weekend is getting closer I think that will soon be taken care of. 

The thing I love most about blogging is that it has really introduced me to photography. Although it has always interested me, I only got out to really shoot some pics once I started my blog. (Note to me: I guess I only do things that have a purpose?) Because while blogging might seem like a mindless activity to some, I can assure you that it is not. Regardless of having a few or many followers, one needs to think about how you want your blog to look like. You got to develop a certain style of writing, decide on the layout of your blog and write posts preferably on a day to day basis. You have to give your blog that swag or je-ne-sais-quoi that makes your followers want to read your blog. (Pardon my French) But before I am totally digressing from the main story line of this post, thinking about your photography is a must. Therefore appropriate gear, especially when it looks as good as this lens, is a must.  Making it the perfect item to splurge on if you were going to splurge your money on something anyway. (I actually feel like fashionable and appropriate blogger gear should actually be tax deductible. Right? ;-)) 

Okay, so the key to this story is that photography is amazing and I encourage all girls to get out there and snap it like crazy. To get started, please check out this post that was published on Yara's blog today. It contains some great tips on blogger photography. 
Would also love to know your tips and tricks on how to get the best shots!
Talk to you soon!

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