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With Paris Fashion Week almost coming to an end, it is time to show you some great styles straight from the French concrete runway. It is pretty clear by now that this alternative runway is not the little sister of the big fashion shows anymore: it pretty much is the place where a lot of the magic happens. And while Suzy Menkes is whining about the fact that times are changing, I am enjoying the evolvement of streetstyle to the fullest. I mean, look at these pictures above. The world would be such a boring place if there were no people that would approach fashion as an extension of themselves. Yes, it could be perceived as peacocking and yes, some people are probably dressing for their five minutes of fame, but who cares? Really. Why would we bother with fashion if we are not aloud to wear it the way we want? In my opinion, fashion is the perfect way to express yourself, either being a poseur or an under-the-radar fashion fanatic.

But back to these pics. My personal favorite is the first look. I love the coat and as I have been craving tartan pants for quite some time now, I just have to love it. I would also love to own a pair of sunnies like those in the third picture. Monki is going to have a great one in stores soon, but you can already get it online here. I also had to put a little man action in this collage, as I think that fashionable men should be praised and encouraged to keep on dressing the way they do. Would love to see more fashionable men in Amsterdam though! (Or maybe there are many, but I just happen to not run into them on a daily basis. Fashionable Amsterdam males, please unite! :-)) What are your favorite Parisian streetstyles so far?

Now that the fashion month craze is ending, at least for now, I am curious to see how the catwalk trends are translated to the streets. And the stores of course, but I think I might keep my wallet closed for the next couple of weeks. (Although a couple of days might be a more realistic option for me. ;-)) Just to let it all sink in before deciding on some key items for this spring and summer. Please use the comment form to share your thoughts on the fashion week craze and spring/summer trend with me. Would love to know what you are all about! :-) 
Have a lovely day!

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  1. i totally agree with you about streetstyle! I think the way people are dressing now during fashion week is more interesting than ever, whatever their reason may be! great post :)


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