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Happy monday everyone! Yesterday I finally got myself a new ear stud. Although I am not really into piercings of any sort, I do like multiple ear studs. Yes, with an emphasis on the word stud, because only a multitude of little ear knobs does not make you look like the next goth queen. Nothing wrong with goth queens, but that is just not the look I am going for. As you have to buy the studs in a pair, I still have another one that is waiting to be pierced. I am doubting to go for a fourth stud in this ear, but I do not know if I have enough room left. Would love to know your thoughts on this one!

I also finally received my new camera lens. Can not wait to take it for a spin and show you the pics. Enough opportunities to take photos this week, because it is going to be a busy week working for my art company. Thursday we are opening a new exhibition, showing the work of four young and talented Amsterdam based artists. If you happen to be in Amsterdam around thursday 9 PM, I would love for you to drop by! (Check out the event here.)

Have a lovely monday and talk to you soon!

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  1. So jealous, I am lusting after a third lobe stud.
    I would not go for a fourth one if I where you, it makes it to cramped. I would go for a helix personally. I think they are stunning.

    1. Hi Denna! Love a helix, not for me though. Would love to see how it would look on you! Let me know when you have one! :-) Have a great day and thanks for the advice! :-)

  2. Mooi! Zou het ook bij drie laten! xoxo

    1. Ha Bien! Thanks! Denk ook dat ik het bij drie laat hoor. Anders komt hij echt in mijn oorschelp. Ik denk er nog even over na.. Fijne dag! Liefs, Floor


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