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Good morning my Spring loving animals! I prepared a post for you today that might make you really happy. In these pics above you see my beloved Mango nude pumps that I bought last year. The shape, color and actually everything else about them is perfect and I was the happiest girl on earth the moment I could get my hands on them. Only problem is that history now officially proofed that I am just not a pump-kinda-girl. Somehow I feel totally out of my comfort zone when wearing them. Now, I know that is actually the point of being fashion forward but I just can not get used to them. 

After displaying them in my house for some time I finally reached a decision: I am giving them up for adoption. And that is where you come in my sweets. At least, if you are one of those girls who are able to pull these beauties off. (Oh, the jealousy..) If you are able to give me a fair price (lets say: 20 euro's maximum + shipping fee) you might just be rocking these on trend pumps somewhere in the near future. Deal?

And for all of you that are not at all interested in buying the most perfect nude pumps in the world I have another question: Does anyone recognize this ambivalent relationship with pumps? Or am I really alone in this one? :-(

Have a great day!

Fashion Fact: The shoes are a size 39 (UK 6/US 8.5) and have only been worn once. The shame..

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  1. wow...amazing shoes!


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