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Good morning lovelies! Another week has flown by and we are almost ready for the weekend. Almost, because today promises to be a lovely but busy day. Like I told you earlier, I am really in the mood for physical exercise and all and tonight I will be breaking down the bad habits that I built up over the last couple of months one by one. 

As I was thinking about yesterday's article a little more, my mind started wondering about that apparent Bikini-stress of which I am suffering. Good thing is that I came to the conclusion that the level of stress is actually hugely disproportionate. Because really, how many times will I actually sit my pale body down on the Dutch beach? Probably not that many. And besides, that whole Bikini thing seems to be quite strange in itself. Would everybody feel as comfortable hanging out in their bathing suits as they would be in their undies? Little chance. Anyway, I am more likely to spend my days in the office or in the park than in my new and colorful Bikini. No need to worry. Case closed. 

This conclusion is not only a relief, it offers possibilities too. Why not start enjoying that summery feeling a little earlier than in may? It might still be cold, but hey, we have overcome worse things in life. Let's just switch from red to white wine, give up the heavy meals and start enjoying the salads, meet with friends after work again and enjoy that life is gooood! Who is with me? :-)
Talk to you soon!


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  1. I've been in Amsterdam,it's amazing! I love your outfit! :)

    1. Thanks Elena! And please visit Amsterdam again sometime. :-)


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