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Until recently, I used to love reading books. I could not wait to get out of school and continue reading where I left off the night before. My definite favorites were historic novels, preferably situated in the Dark Ages. (I imagine myself taking part in a Life Action Role Play right now, but it luckily never got to that ;-)) As I got older, I noticed that I was not reading as much as before. Having tea with my friends after school to talk about fashion, boys and all other things girls in their teens talk about seemed to be a much more enjoyable activity. I still loved historic novels and I still read them, but a subscription to the Elle in my life at sixteen changed my interests completely. I discovered my passion for fashion, as before I always thought that I just liked to play dress up, and I wanted to be a fashion designer. Preferably designing stuff that was a mixture of Celine, Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant

I graduated from high school and left my small town to attend a big art academy in Amsterdam. It did not take long for me to realize though, that art was not enough for me. Although I loved painting and all other crafts activities, I missed my books. I wanted to read and learn about important stuff in life. I wanted to know what was going on in the world outside my little bubble and really understand the power structures that we all (unconsciously) live in. Although I still loved history, I decided to study political science. I started reading the news paper again and bought myself some books. Went to college, day in day out, and felt like I was actually entering the world of the literary elite (as if that is something really important, but at that time I thought that was pretty cool). A few years later was a Master of Political Science and the irony of it all, is that at that time I started writing this fashion blog. Blood is thicker than water apparently and my love for fashion never died. My blog is my creative outlet and I spend lots of my free time polishing it. The result: no time to read any books. Although I spend my days reading at work, I do not often read for fun anymore and the stack of unread books in my bookcase is growing with every birthday, graduation and holiday that comes along. 

I am hoping that somewhere in the near future I find the peace to just sit down and read a book, but I guess that will come naturally as it did before. I love fashion and art and I love to read. And I need both things in my life to really be happy. If only the days would be a few hours longer...

Enjoy your sunday!

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    1. Dear Tudor, thanks for following me. I will definitely check out your blog too. Have a great day and talk to you soon!


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