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They almost got me, the branding geniuses over there at Nike. Especially now, when I am feeling so vulnerable after eating a whole bag licorice while browsing the spring collections (Again! Seriously, what is wrong with me? I like to think of myself as an intelligent girl that is NOT addicted to fashion. #Fail.). After spring comes summer and we all know what summer means: it is time to bring out the big guns wearing some kind of fashionable underwear. The Bikini. After my first 26 years on this planet I discovered some kind of pattern. From march to may I am like the healthiest person ever. Doing my thing in the gym, eating well and feeling great. Seriously, Madonna would be proud of me. Then from june up until september I am enjoying all the energy and goodness that I built up throughout the course of march, april and may. Washing it down slowly with lots of white wine and cocktails in the weekends that is to say. October is pretty much the month in which I start to feel sorry for myself that the summer has gone and the rain has come. I deserve some good food. And I do not deserve to work out. Especially when the upcoming month is my birthday month. Not only mine by the way, but it seems like it is everybody's birthday month. Which makes it the perfect excuse for having lots of dinners with friends and no time to work out. But oh well, it is not like the Bikini is waiting for me anytime soon, so I just leave it that way. December passes by in the blink of an eye (Did anyone even see december last year? I only vaguely remember christmas and new year's?) and before I knew it we are suddenly somewhere in the middle of february. Great times for lots of wishes on what the new year is going bring us. One thing that it will definitely bring us is lots of time for Bikinis.


What the hell happened? I have to get my shit together and get ready for some serious work outs! Madonna is definitely not proud of me at this time of year and I am feeling slouchy and exhausted. I set my alarm just a little too late to have time for a proper morning routine, spend my days at work and my evenings on the couch and I have never been so easily irritated in my life. Time for change. Luckily for me, that change always seems to come naturally. Like I said, I discovered some kind of pattern. I stop feeling guilty about not working out and just get on with it. (Well, with a maximum of two times a week.) And that is the vulnerable point I talked about earlier. The point at which the branding geniuses at Nike almost got me. Because what better way than starting off a new year of work outs with a new and fashionable outfit? Now that bloggers all over the world wear their Nike Free Run's in their everyday outfit, it might even be a reasonable investment. And that tight and bright track pants are much better than my slouchy jersey version. My sports bra does not smell as fresh as it did once by the way and should also definitely be replaced. But just as I was gathering different items to throw into my online shopping cart, I came to my senses. Yes, new stuff will definitely motivate me to go for a run every once in a while, but for how long? And will I ever fall into the category of a free runner? Even with the gear? Probably not, as I hate it and struggle my way trough my work out. And we all know, if you can not talk the talk you should not walk the walk. So I do not. Tomorrow I will go out for my first run in months. In my Rocky Balboa outfit. Wish me luck!

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  1. Leuk geschreven! Had laatst ook m'n eerste poging, dat viel vies tegen... Ik moet ook volhouden! Succes in ieder geval! xoxo


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