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Really? Did she plan another inspiration post for today? I want to see outfit pics! Yes, I hear you screaming. But browsing the web for the ultimate dream house should not go unnoticed. As I live in a tini tiny apartment with my boyfriend, there is only so much room for geniously styling it. And so, the obligatory blogger post in which I am showing you my perfectly styled home should wait until we found a bigger place to live in. Our main goal now is to not let it get too messy from time to time, finding ourselves living between all kinds of storing solutions in between. But one day we will have our dream house, styled just the way we like it. And to be fully prepared for when that day comes, we need to get our grip on what style we like. I really like a simple and clean interior. What does your ideal interior look like?

Have a great day! 

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw wat mooi! Vooral de lamp op de laatste foto!



    1. Mooi he! Die lamp is inderdaad te gek. Nooit gedacht dat ik een heel wit interieur te gek zou vinden trouwens. Leuk dat je dezelfde smaak hebt! Thanks voor je comment en een fijne dag vandaag! Liefs, Floor

  2. Ohmy this is the exact look I wanted eversince! Can I have the pictures or know where it was taken? Great blog too!

    xx pauline


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