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Good morning my sweets! Today promises to be a lovely day filled with sun. Whoop whoop! Spring is finally in the air and I love it. Seasonal change, and especially the one from winter to spring, always makes me browse the internet for inspiration on what to wear in the upcoming months. Browsing all the collections already gave me an idea, but I am still not really sure. Solution: take a look at how others do it. Object of analysis: Taylor Tomasi Hill. 

Being a red head myself, my eye is kind off naturally drawn to fellow red heads that are featured in many of the streetstyle blogs. I always love to see how they combine this bold hair color with other colors and prints. My absolute favorite red head at the moment, I could even maybe call it my current girl crush, is Taylor Tomasi Hill. Taylor is the style and accessories director for the US Marie Claire magazine and frequently listed as one of the worlds most popular streetstyle fashion icons. Although there a lot of things that I would not particularly wear, I love how she pulls off bold prints and colors and chunky jewelry combined with her bold hair color. Looking at those pictures does remind me to book a trip to the hairdresser for a hair color touch up by the way. 

It is funny to see how you can just love a style that is so not you! A definite reminder that fashion and style are two different things and a clear encouragement to keep evolving your own personal style. Have you already discovered your favorite style for spring? Would love to know!

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