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As I do not often tell you about my personal life and what I do for a living, I thought this feature in the AT5 television show might be a great start. My organization Vers Vlees 020 promotes young artists by broadening their network of potential clients, other artists and influential people in the art business. Last summer, we prepared a building for the pre-launch of a new hotel called Morgan & Mees. As the building was going to be demolished after the party was over, we were asked to combine an art expo (of artist Kick Zeilstra) with some random graffiti and paintings all over the walls of the building. You can see how it turned out in the video I posted above. The video is in Dutch, but I think all non-Dutch speakers will get a pretty good impression of what Vers Vlees 020 does too. Just check out everything art-related in the video and you will be fine! :-)

Would love to know what you think of this project and what you do for a living! 
Talk to you soon!

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