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Photos by Sharon Noordsij

I personally think that office dressing is one of the hardest aspects of working life. May sounds crazy to some, but I think quite a few of you will agree. Especially when you do not want to put yourself in a boring business suit every day, hard times may occasionally occur . I found myself in the middle of a office dressing meltdown many times already, but I think I am getting the hang of it now. More and more I find just the right balance of being myself, while not coming across like that bohemian weird chick at the office. The boots I am wearing in these pictures are among my favorite. They spice up a pretty simple look just enough to still make it 'me'. The outfit I am wearing is a pretty basic look for me as a matter of fact, but I must say that I did feel really comfortable in it. 

Now that I have one of my office mates to photograph me, I decided to show you more of what I usually wear to work. I would love to see what you guys wear to work as I am always searching for office appropriate fashion inspiration! The boots I am wearing are from Zara (on sale in stores now!), as well as the jeans (get it here). The shirt is from Mango (get it here). 

Thank God It's Friday by the way, because I really need to catch up on some sleep after waking up early again this week. What are your plans for the weekend? Have a great day and talk to you soon! 

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  1. lovely blog! i like the shirt from mango- it's nice, plain and simple. i'm glad it's friday aswell- i have a long day at sixth form!
    please subscribe!

  2. Cool outfit for those long office hours.



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