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Hello you! Are you enjoying your first cup of coffee of the day? Or is it already the second or third? Funny how the level of caffeine in our bodies seems to be significantly related to how early we get up. Today is my third day back at the job and I am still adjusting. Especially in the mornings. Weird, because I actually am quite a morning person. Or maybe that is just my twisted self image..  Luckily, my friend Cappucino shows up everyday to support me. :-) Anyway, I hope you all enjoy being back at work and are doing well!

I composed the last holiday diary for you today. Funny to see how those two weeks went by so quickly. So what are you looking at?
1. The lovely Hotel Droog (more here) 2. Photo's by Puck Guldemond (more here) 3. A big kiss from me to you! 4. My fave plaid shirt 5. The ultimate bedroom! (more here) 6. End of holidays and back to work!

I also have some great news to share with you! As of tomorrow, the blog will have a new contributing photographer! My colleague and friend Sharon has agreed to shoot some outfit pics a few times a week. A great help, because as a blogger with a daytime job it can be hard to capture all my outfits. And no pics means no content for the blog. So, thank you Sharon! :-)

For now, easy on the caffeine! 

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