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Hello lovelies! Did you have a good night's sleep? Hopefully, you did because for most of you today will probably be the last day of your X-mas holiday. It is for me at least and I am definitely going to miss that freedom of doing anything you like, whenever you like. But oh well, going back to the ordinary is not that bad either. For one, because having that much free time on your hands leads to a definite increase in spendings. Another two weeks of freedom might have led me to financial ruin.. :-$

Another thing I really liked was to not read the newspaper during the holidays. Although I pretty much am a news addict in real life, somehow it felt so good to not worry about what was going on in the world. The only newspaper I read was the Bloglovin' Daily, with my portion of daily must read blogposts collected from my favorite blogs. (Check out the Daily Must Reads page for my favorite blogs.) Best newspaper I ever read. ;-)

How Does It Work?
Some of you may already be familiar with Bloglovin' or might even be following me with your account. For those who are still checking their favorite blogs separately every day, or have subscribed via RSS, creating a Bloglovin' account might be a good option for you. After you have signed up with your basic information, you will be able to subscribe to your favorite blogs via Bloglovin'. Bloglovin' will now let you know (via e-mail or a button next to your URL bar) how many new blogposts are available. Bloglovin' does not send you any other information besides letting you know when the blogs that you subscribed to have produced a new article. Sounds like a pretty handy device don't it? For me, it was a real eye opener and it saves me so much time every day. I hope it will be as helpful to you as it is to me. :-)

The best part of it all, you can also follow my blog via Bloglovin'! ;-) Just click here to be forwarded to my Bloglovin' page. (You can also click on the Bloglovin' logo on the top right of this page.) Those of you having Bloglovin' accounts already will be able to click the 'follow Jade Pillar' button immediately. Those who do not have an account yet are given the option to create one. After you created one, you will be able to follow me. It is as easy as that. Hope to see you soon on Bloglovin'!

Have a great last holiday-day! 

ps. Don't forget to join my GIVEAWAY. You still can until the 26th of January!

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