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Good morning lovelies! All getting back into work mode? I am, but one of my other 2013 resolutions is to keep up the holiday spirit in real life a bit. Just to make everything a bit less stressful. Therefore, a big Instagram diary on the first part of my x-mas holiday today! 

So what are you looking at? 
1. Last outfit of 2012 2. Fireworks on NYE! 3. Me and one of my besties on NYE 4. My sneakerlove of 2013 5. Me on the 1st of January 6. Planning a trip to Rotterdam 7. Having lunch at the big M...try to stay away from that in 2013.. :-) 8. One of my favorite pieces in the Boijmans museum 9. Me in front of my favorite Matisse piece!

Another 2013 resolution is to work out more. Hmm...lets see how that works out! :-)
Have a great day!

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm also trying to stay away from McDonalds, but it's near impossible, I just love it so much :)) love that quote on Rotterdam, awesome :)

  2. same here! i love your blog.just subscribed to your blog- will be looking forward to more of your upcoming posts.
    please subscribe to mine!

  3. Thanks Alexandra! That's so sweet! I will definitely check your blog today. Have a great day!


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