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Today is the day of Chrismas Eve! Whoop whoop! Can't believe that christmas has actually started! Expect a christmas post later today, but I would first like to introduce you to my other blogging devices. :-) 

As you will probably have seen, I love Instagram almost just as much as my real camera. Although I try to shoot my pictures as much as I can with my Samsung NX 200, there are still plenty of moments that need to be captured while I am not carrying my baby. And so, I started my own Instagram profile a while ago to help me get through those rough moments. ;-) I was actually surprised how much I loved this app, but it seems that I am just a sucker for jazzy filters. Read: filters that make everything just a little prettier

I also started a Bloglovin' profile and from now on, you can follow me on Bloglovin'! Bloglovin' is a great app for anyone who likes to read several blogs at the same time. Instead of visiting each blog separately, Bloglovin' will keep you updated on your favorite blogs by showing you post you have not read yet! So besides following me, you can also follow the girls that I featured in my latest post and on the Daily Must Reads page! 

I would love to welcome you on my Instagram and Bloglovin' profile! Follow me at Instagram @jadepillar by searching for my screen name or by clicking here. Follow me at Bloglovin' by clicking here. Bloglovin' also has a new Iphone app that works wonders when reading your favorite blogs on your phone! See you at Instagram and Bloglovin! :-)

Have a great day!

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