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So I really did not think that I would be having time to blog on Christmas Eve, but it seems that I do. Instead of cooking up our Christmas dinner together, the BF has passed out on the couch. :-) Not too surprising after all those pre-xmas dinners we had the past couple of days. Anyway, I think I will surprise him with a perfectly cooked dinner when he wakes up. But before getting on with vegetables, sauces and meat I was fooling around with the camera a bit and trying out my new Photoshop filters. As I told you, I have become a big fan of Instagram (follow me at @jadepillar). The quality of the Instagram pictures is not that great though, so I found a way to use those filters in Photoshop. Nice thing about it is that you can tweak them, just the way you like. The filter I used for the pictures in this post comes closest to the Earlybird filter. (One of my fave filters! Yeah!) 

A little Photoshop tutorial for those who are interested!
Using those filters in Photoshop is actually really easy. Just download the file that is attached to this link and unzip the file. Then load the actions in Photoshop, by clicking on the tiny triangle at the top of your actions menu and choose 'load actions'. Select the file that you want to add and click 'ok'. Now you files will be saved and ready for use in your actions pallet! Easy peasy right! :-)

Ok, let me get on with my Christmas dinner now. Have a great evening and talk to you tomorrow!

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