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2012 is almost coming to its end and luckily for me, I still had some free days left. From the 21st of December I will be a free woman for exactly two whole weeks! So much looking forward to it. I actually do love my job, but sometimes it is so nice to spend some time away from it and do things that you normally don't have time for. In this case, shoot a proper outfit picture. As I told you, the days are getting so short and sometimes it seems like the sun doesn't come to its full potential at all. And without proper light, no proper pictures. :-) 

Today the weather isn't that great either, but with a little more time on our hands me and my boyfriend (thanks so much love!) dug into it. As I've already written before, I love the beginning the sale season. H&M and Monki even started of with a 50% discount! Now there really were no excuses left to not buy this H&M coat (similar here) and Monki pants (similar here). Love them! I also scored a few other items that I will show you later.

Tonight I'm going to the theater, but I'm having dinner with friends first. Can't wait! What are you up to tonight? Having a great start of the weekend too? Enjoy!

ps. Don't mind the puffy eyes.. :-)

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