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Just found this picture that I had totally forgotten about. On a beautiful fall day me and my boyfriend went out for a stroll around our neighbourhood. I miss those days when the sun stayed out for so much longer than it does now. Don't get me wrong, my followers on Instagram know that I'm all about the X-mas feeling, but sometimes I wish that it would just get dark one hour or so later than it does now. 

In those pictures I am wearing a pair of my favorite boots. Actually they are Jeffrey Campbell knock-offs, but I just like them so much. And hey, there is only so much money you can spend. They are perfect, because they are incredibly high but also really comfortable. (As comfortable as heels come of course ;-)) 
How do you feel about designer knock offs? 


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  1. They look fab though! I actually prefer the heel of these (it's a little bit different, isn't it?). I'm generally not a fan of knock-offs but as long as there isn't "Jeffrey Campbell" written all over and it is just a similiar style, I'm totally fine with it:)

    You have a great blog! Happy to be your first follower ;) xx



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