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Hi everyone! Today I'm starting my new blog and to let you get to know me a little I decided to post a big diary about what I was up to these past couple of weeks. I have been blogging for almost a year already on about fashion, food and art but lately I just couldn't find the blogging spirit anymore. It didn't take me to long though to realize that I really enjoy blogging and so I started looking for some blogging alternatives. The search led me to Blogger and I hope that today is the start of a new and improved bloglife! :-) 

So, what are you looking at:
1. My beloved studded Sasha boots 2. Me on the last day of summer 3.  My birthday outfit from last week! 4. Me 5. De Wolff concert! My favorite Dutch band! 6. Definitely want those H&M jeans.. 7. Art at the CheapArt Fair 8. My leather backpack and sneakers 9. Strolling around my neighbourhood 10. Me, again.. ;-) 11. My new sequined pencil skirt. Love it! 10. Ready for a night out!

I hope you will enjoy my blog and let me know what you think about it! Can't wait to start blogging life again! C u Soon! 


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