Hell to the yes that I am Bloggernet's new art and travel blogger! From now on, you will read my columns and extra snapshots on their website.  I am part of a dreamteam, with well-known writers from the fashion, lifestyle and travel scene. I will write about my favorite galleries and museums, as wel as bars restaurants and stores. Super excited and something that needed to be celebrated with a big lunch at Hartje Bos!

In the picture, I am sipping on an appel-carrot juice at one of my favorite hangouts in my neighborhood. Hartje Bos is litterally down the street from my home and therefore, you will find me there often. Especially since they serve healthy food and juices, great coffees (with soy milk) and the best cakes for reasonable prices. Actually, going for lunch at Hartje Bos is a lot cheaper than in other parts of the city. Got to love it. 

Something I still did not do is getting dinner to go here though. The fact that I do not own a microwave has something to do with that, but I hear great stories about their soups and pasta's. You might want to take a chance on them, when you walk by. 

I love to sit on this bench and watch people passing by on their bikes. It makes me wonder how Bos and Lommer will look in a couple of years. Probably a lot different than it does now and with - I hope - more cool food bars to have lunch at. 

For now though, you will find Hartje Bos on the Admiraal de Ruyterweg 275. Will you come and say hi?


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