I am sitting behind my desk, thinking about words to accompany this picture. What the hell can I say about it? That I am sitting in a window, waiting for my brother to return from his shopping spree? And that I could not handle going with him, since he decided to buy some garden furniture during quite possibly the busiest weekend of the year? That would be boring. It would be true though. 

I might as well tell the story that I visited Sandra yesterday in Rotterdam and that I kind of lost my heart in that city. And that I would not mind owning a pied-à-terre in one of those sky scraping buildings. Or about the drinks we had in several bars and everything that happened afterwards, but still: I would not know what to write about it. The fact that I am kind of brain dead probably has something to to with those drinks though. ;-)

So I guess I'll just leave it at this. Will I see you at Pablo Lücker's exhibition opening later today?

Happy Sunday!
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  1. wat een prachtige foto is dit van jou! helaas heb je me niet gezien bij de opening vandaag maar hopelijk zien we elkaar snel weer eens!


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