Without telling anyone, a brand new hotspot opened its doors a little over a week ago in the Westerpark area: Bardot. Luckily, I heard the word of this restaurant/bar going around pretty quick and could not suppress the urge to try their food and drinks before the official opening this Friday. What I found was a mediterranean menu and lots of wine, whisky and cocktails. Needless to say that I stayed long after sunset. Check!


I happen to know Bardot's chef Eva Evers pretty well and have been following her on her trail along some of Amsterdam's finest kitchens the past couple of years. This time though, she got a free hand in composing the menu. Resulting in a variety of classic and mediterranean dishes. Lobster, poussin - a small chicken - and rib eye, I cannot even tell you where to start your journey. I guess you should try them all, as the prices are very reasonable. Think 15 - 20 euro's for a main. 


Dishes like these, call for a hearty drink. Bardot has a pretty nice wine selection and serves a range of popping cocktails. They also serve a Monkey Shoulder whisky, which is according to some of my closest whisky connaisseurs - read: my friends - a mind blowing experience.

This Friday, Bardot will officially open its doors for us. Will you come and meet me for a drink? I will tell you more about Bardot in a second on Amsterdam FM, so make sure to tune in at 10.15 AM.

PS. Bardot does not have a website or Facebook page yet. Kind of makes it extra special and mysterious. You find it on the Van Limburg Stirumstraat, at number 14-a

Happy Monday!


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