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At work, we always crack up when reading the newspaper article above that is pinned to our wall, alongside a collection of other notable items. I cannot really translate it to English, but the brown carpet you see on the floor is an artwork by Wim T. Schippers and is made out of peanut butter. The piece is the subject of an intense debate about what is and isn't art. Could a household product like peanut butter be transformed into something that is so special it is exhibited in a museum? I think it is an incredible idea that puts a concept like art into perspective. 

This Sunday, Wim T. Schippers will do a series of performances at the Stedelijk Museum to celebrate the artist's very own exhibition room. They are scenes from a musical theater performance. I do not really know what to expect, but something tells me that I should go. There still are a few tickets left, so if you would like to join me you can! Just send an e-mail to with your name. The entrance is just 2,50 euros for those with a Museumkaart. Others will pay the entrance fee for the museum, plus 2,50 euros for the performance. But I guess we all have a Museumkaart, don't we? ;-)

Wim T. Schippers broke into the art scene in the 60's. A time when artists sought a critical position in thinking about art. They related themselves to pop culture and started asking questions about the distinction between art and ordinary objects. Exactly these questions are the heart of Wim T. Schipper's work. By enlarging elements of ordinary objects - think peanut butter, turds and what else - he creates an unrealistic object that discusses its function in a funny and unignorible way. Stating that art is craziness

Check out the video below for an impression of the artist's work and personality. Enjoy! 


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Image sources | 1. Stedelijk Museum for ARTtube 2. De Volkskrant 3. Video by ArtTube

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