Waking up after a hectic weekend makes me want to skip this Monday and fast forward to Friday. Somehow, it feels like I can sleep all day and still feel like I have been hit by a train. I guess I am just ready for Spring. Are you? And as artist Jasper Krabbé tells us that Summer Is Full Of Hope, I guess a fast forward to those long Summer days and nights could not hurt either. 

I met Jasper at the DWDD pop-up museum a few weeks ago, when he told me that he would show his photography artworks at the Kahmann Gallery this month. I was really curious to see them, as I was not that familiar with his work yet. Especially not with his photography. The exhibition is called Summer Is Full Of Hope and stretches the boundaries of photography, as there really is not a clear line where the photography ends and the painting begins. I studied some of the artworks closely and was intrigued by the use of different materials, sometimes even resembling a collage. I also really liked the use of color, that - to me - emphasizes the life in the images that capture a moment of stillness. If you know what I mean. ;-) 

I have to say that I was impressed and are looking forward to visiting the gallery once more, to view the artworks when the space is not that crowded. If you are in the neighborhood, you should definitely visit the exhibition at the Lindengracht number 35. Summer is waiting!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to tune in on Amsterdam FM at 11.15. 

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  1. Nog nooit naar een galerij geweest maar ziet er eerlijk gezegd best leuk en gezellig uit!


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