A little while ago I went to dinner at Toscanini, a well-known Italian restaurant in the Jordaan district. Visiting all those new restaurants and bars in town lately, makes me realize that appreciating some of the established ones is really important. Especially when they serve some of the best Italian food around. 

Bring us the Chef's menu!
As we were celebrating my friend's graduation, binge eating was appropriate. Luckily, I was not the only one who wanted to try the Chef's menu: a tasting of some of Toscanini's best dishes. We tasted classics like bone marrow, calamari, grilled vegetable salad with burrata, baked beef bavette, braised veal cheeck and bruschetta's with mushrooms. I love is that Toscanini chooses to work with products from organic, Italian farmers. This way they support local projects, producing authentic products and containing classic production methods. 

I have to say that I felt pretty spoiled, being able to eat the Chef's menu at this restaurant. I would definitely recommend the place for a night out with a date or friends. 

You find Toscanini at the Lindengracht 75 in Amsterdam. Check out their website for more info. Hooray for Italian food!

Enjoy your day!

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