Today is Sunday the 28th of December, which only means one thing: I am about to announce the winner of the Studio Duq black leather clutch! I wish I could make all of you happy with this amazing addition to your wardrobe, but I only have one bag to gift. So...You might have read it already, but Jessica is the lucky winner! Congratulations Jessica, I will contact you soon. 

If you did not win, do not be sad. There will be another giveaway on the blog, sooner than you may think. I am keeping it short today, as I am preparing for the BeyoncĂ© party that I am about to throw this evening. I have been working on our playlist for days already, but please share with me your favorite B hits. I would hate it to forget some of B's best ones. 

Talk to you soon and enjoy the rest of this Sunday!

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