Yesterday was the day! The first & Other Stories store opened its doors on the Heiligeweg in Amsterdam. It was everything I expected it to be. Even a little more. The collection is the perfect mix between Scandi inspired clean lines and creative add-ons. Sold for very reasonable prices I might say. And lord, that shoe department is just to die for! 

I have attended a lot of launches in the past year, but this one really stood out. Not only because they served little bottles of Mo√ęt, the guest list was a dream and we got served Flemish fries afterwards. Also because the store and its staff was so nice, stylish and a breath of fresh air in the Kalverstraat district. 

Judging on the amount of & Other Stories bags I saw outside when leaving the party, I guess I am not the only one who had to buy something. I went for leather flats with a black and white detail on the vamp, but I could have easily spend a whole month's salary. I have made mental notes though and I reckon I will be back soon to get my absolute favorites. 

So reckless shoppers beware, you might be eating peanut butter and bread until your next paycheck when entering this store. But what the hell, you will be wearing & Other Stories while doing so.

Are you planning to pay the store a visit soon?

Happy Thursday!

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