I have been training for a mini-triathlon with the Let's Brand 2gether team for the last couple of weeks now. We are prepping by following an intense training program that includes swimming, running and cycling. And although I think that a lot of my teammates are a little more fit than I am, I am enjoying it to the fullest. - I feel my legs burning after yesterday's Model Workout though. :-) - Besides training, part of the program is also about healthy eating. The girls of Oganic Health Agency lecture us about how to eat properly and we are visiting a range of restaurants that sport a healthy menu. One of those healthy hotspots is Venkel: a salad bar that uses local products to produce delicious and healthy meals. 

Venkel is located in the Albert Cuypstraat and serves both sweet and savory treats. As your main dish, you can choose one of the chef's specials or compose your ideal salad by picking your favorite ingredients. I tried a lentil salad with watermelon, tomato, red pepper, fennel, feta cheese, coriander, mint and almonds. A combination that I would not have thought of myself, but definitely will try at home soon. Salads with fish and piri piri herbs were served too, but the fact that they were finished before I could get my hands on them probably illustrates their tastiness best. As a side dish, we were served homemade quinoa bread and hummus. Both dishes were delicious. And the best part is that they make you feel good when eating them. Exactly what food is supposed to do. 

Prices for a salad range from 7,50 - 10 euros. Pretty nice if you consider the fact that they are made from local products and are portioned well. Small eaters can also opt for a soup, bread and hummus or just dessert, so there is something for everyone. 

I will definitely keep this spot in mind. Curious if you have discovered Venkel yet!

Happy Wednesday!

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All pictures are made by David Stegenga for Let's Brand 2gether

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