Besides the opportunity to see what is going on in designer land, it is always nice to spend time with other bloggers during fashion week. I remember that last time, I kind of felt like I went to high school all over again. I did not know anybody and had to start from scratch with building up a network in fashion. I experienced though, that when you get to know one or two people, things start to fall into place. Meeting new people becomes less scary and actually turns out to be really fun! In the pictures above, you see a few of the girls I have met the past year. I have had an amazing weekend with them and can not wait to see them again.

The girls in the pictures:
Wendy - Fabulous Style WS

Sharon - Style Chameleon
Sandra - More Style Than Fashion
Larissa - From Hats To Heels
Lindsay - Pose Blog
Janneke - Jantasie
Anita - Fashion Attacks
Virgit - Preppy Fashionist
Iris - A Dash of Fash
Lily - # by Lily

Do you recognize some of your favorite bloggers?

Happy Monday!

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  1. wat leuk dat je met de meiden erheen ging en wat heb je een leuk jurkje aan!


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