A definite hotspot this weekend is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that is going on at the Westerpark in Amsterdam. For two days already I got the opportunity to soak up the creativity of both young and established Dutch designers. What is regarded as great fashion obviously has to do with taste, but to me the point of fashion week is not really to judge clothes by their appearance. It is about innovation. A feast of new techniques, materials and cultural cross overs. From that point of view, the shows of both Iris van Herpen and Joëlle Boers and Bregje Cox were amazing. Van Herpen showed beautifully made head pieces, skirts and dresses. - Still do not know the material they were made from though. - Shown in an intimidating performance by choreographer Nanine Linning, they emphasized and flattered the movements of the zombie-like dancers. 

While van Herpen's show was more about the cross over between dance, fashion and the innovative use of materials, Joëlle Boers and Bregje Cox showed their wearable IINUA collection. This capsule collection, resulting from a cooperation between the two designers, looked fresh and clean. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of the mountains and the resourcefulness of the Inuit people, they managed to create a collection that is both fashion forward and wearable. The Inuit strongly believe in what we call animism: that all people, animals and even geographic features such as mountains and lakes possess a spiritual essence. Boers and Cox tried to reflect this by using different structures and textures of stones and mountains as a base for their prints. 

To me there were three things that stood out. Maybe even four if you take in account Chris van den Elzen's shoes: true pieces of art. 

The graphic prints 
You can really see the time and effort the designers put in those prints. While resembling nature, they look a little out of this world. The repetitiveness and the colors add calmness though, as a good print radiates balance. The combination of nature and graphics, reminded me a bit of the work of photographer Gabi van Ingen

The colors
An icy blue color complemented the white and grey tones and the prints. There were an amazing blue coat and blue blouse, that I would love to add to my own wardrobe. Actually, I would like to add most of the pieces, as I find them a true reflection of the modern woman. 

The shapes
In the first picture you see a dress that has got ribs in the skirt in places I have never seen before. Also the bold pointy shoulders and mostly fitted shapes, create a clear statement for this fall/winter: add volume, but keep it clean. Simple shapes and clean lines will only complement the printed garments.

If you would like to see more pictures from the show, then visit the Fashion Week page. You will find footage of every show and bits and pieces of what is going on behind the scenes. 

Happy Saturday!

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All pictures by Team Peter Stigter for Fashion Week Nederland. 

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  1. wat gaaf dat je erbij mocht zijn en wat een prachtige foto's!


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