I have had an obsession with leopard print for as long as I can remember. I remember wearing leopard print leggings when I was in a band (Lord, please do not let me dress up that way ever again.), I remember wearing leopard pants when I met my boyfriend and I remember buying leopard print shoes a size too small as I just could not let them go. I guess I turn into a helpless shopping machine when it comes to leopard and would do myself good to join the Leopard Shoppers Anonymous. I was doing well for about a year though. I did not bring anything leopard home. But the current leopard hype gives me a hard time. Skirts, pants, slip ons, it is like there is no escaping the print this season. And as befits a true addict, I found myself searching the high street for  my next leopard addition yesterday afternoon.

Luckily, my boyfriend was there to keep me from spontaneously spending my monthly budget in one go. I did buy something, but it was a pencil skirt with breton stripes. As I guess I am not the only leopard addict out there, I thought I would help you - and myself - a bit by listing five classy ways to wear the print. Because leopard can become way too much, really easily. Dressing the print down is key. But once you master the trick, it is the simplest way to dress up an otherwise boring outfit. So here we go! 

My most important rule is to not wear leopard anywhere near the face. Unless really thought through. Leopard pants are best when worn casual, with a basic tee or sweatshirt. Heels are an option, but for a Sunday stroll along the city I guess this outfit is just perfect.

After the pants, the pencil skirt is my favorite leopard item. Especially when combined with crisp white sneakers and a simple shirt. Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar does a perfect job styling her skirt in this picture. Again, dressing it down is key. No need to look like an uptight girl right?

I know I just told you to not wear leopard anywhere near the face. But I also said, unless when really thought through. Lizzy does an amazing job here and avoids the risk of looking like she tried too hard. A little tomboy influence never hurts. I still love my Stella McCartney inspired leopard jacket. Should take it out more now I think about it. 

Still not sure if leopard trousers, a skirt or jacket suits you? (I can assure you that it does, but I understand if you are still hesitant.) Maybe you will opt for a leopard printed bag. This one is amazing, especially when worn on a white canvas. It makes the bag stand out and become the eye catcher of the outfit. 

I need those slip ons. They are the best casual looking leopard print item out there. You can wear them with a quite simple outfit, but when combined well a mix up with another print might even be better. I guess I will be on the hunt for these ones soon. Still think I did really well by not buying them for months already. Gosh, what making a blogpost can do to your budget... :-)

What is your favorite leopard item?

Happy Sunday!

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Ph. Credits Tuula / Billie Rose / The Fashion Guitar / Fab Sugar / The Edit NYC

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Leopard is gewoon super. Echt een van m'n favoriete prints! Ik heb dan ook verschillende items met luipaardprint ;) echt kiezen kan ik niet, te veel leuke dingen en het hangt ook af van de gelegenheid vind ik.
    Toffe post!
    xo Lyn

    1. Hi Lyn, cool! Jij bent ook een echte fan dus. :-) Kiezen is ook wel echt lastig. Hoe meer printjes, hoe beter. Fijne avond!

  2. Wat een super leuke inspiratie, heel leuk om te zien!

    1. Hi Alexa, fijn dat je het tof vond om te lezen. Leuk om te horen!


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