The Gentlewoman issue 9 spring and summer 2014 saskia de brauw

The Gentlewoman issue 9 spring and summer 2014 saskia de brauw
The Gentlewoman issue 9 spring and summer 2014 cover vivienne westwood

Just recently I have discovered my new favorite magazine: The Gentlewoman. A magazine about women and fashion, but a little different than all the other magazines. Which I love to read too, do not get me wrong. But where other magazines scream for attention - colorful and busy covers full of headliners - The Gentlewoman stands out by its simplicity. Strong typography, a solid color as a base and a strong woman photographed in black and white. Nothing more, nothing less. I also like that the interviews are more work and passion related. Personal, but less focussed on producing food for gossip. In their latest number you will find an interview with model Saskia de Brauw, about being a fine arts graduate with an insanely hectic fashion schedule. I did not know that she was an artist, no one told me that before! 

The photography is amazing too. The magazine works with a range of talented photographers like Annemarieke van Drimmelen and Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes. Besides being fashion photography, I would not mint having a print of some of those photographs at home. 

The magazine is a little expensive - 9 euro's to be exact - but since it is only published four times a year I can get over that fact. If the content is good, I do not mind paying a little more than usual. So if you are doubting which magazine to add to your reading list, I really recommend you to try The Gentlewoman. I bet this one is going to be one of your favorites too.

What are your favorite magazines?

Happy Thursday!

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