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Ah, it is time for Wednesday's List! One of my favorite articles of the week. The older I get, the more I love to break down topics into five main categories. Now that I think about it, this might not be the most healthy thing to do - I hate routine behaviour - but for now I am okay with it. Maybe a little proud even, that my chaotic life is starting to get some form. Lists are no longer a life saver in times of chaos, but a logical way to categorize life. But before I am getting annoyed with myself for growing up, let me present you my latest list: 5 things to know before decorating your home.

Start with a clean canvas | Nothing beats a clean canvas. White walls, a wooden - or laminate - floor and freshly painted woodwork. Once you have taken care of the basics, you are ready to enjoy all its possibilities. No matter what your taste in furniture is, everything will look amazing. 

Stay clear of impulse purchases | As a student, I used to switch up the furniture in my room like every six months, while adding some accessories of my liking to the mix. Although I must say that the eclectic mix of Asian, girly and Middle-Eastern products felt quite cosy and right at the time, it also felt like I could not grow out these different phases. I mean, I bought all these things with my hard-earned money as a waitress. How could I let that energy all go to waste? Truth is that I did not really think about what furniture and accessories I would still like in a few months. Ending up with a shitload of bad buys to sell at the flea market. 

Moodboards rule | Before we started decorating our new home, we had been collecting images of our ideal home for months. Luckily me and my boyfriend have quite a similar taste, - industrial with a pop of color - but the actual picking out of the furniture and accessories was still food for fight. Well, not a real fight, but some heated discussions did take place. A wooden or iron frame for the table?  A traditional couch or a couch with a lounge area? Etcetera, etcetera. I can honestly tell you that moodboards are a life saver in these kind of situations. It is the only way that you can show you partner or roommate what you mean. And vice versa of course. Besides, making moodboards for yourself can really help you crystallize your taste.

Quality goes a long way | In all the years that I have been living on my own (with friends) or with my boyfriend, I learned that investing in some key pieces is the right way to spend your money. I am not saying that you should spend all your savings on furniture, but I found out that the furniture and accessories that have kept their form and beauty over the years are the pieces that I really thought about and invested in. A nice bed, a comfy couch, a big dinner table and a beautiful bookcase: to me all key pieces for a nice home. I still have a smile on my face when I walk into my apartment and see these beauties.

Enjoy! | And last but not least, have some fun! A freshly decorated home can feel like a new start, a new phase in your life. Getting rid of all the stuff you do not need and adjusting your place so that it fits your state of mind is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It will boost your confidence and give you a new outlook on the world.

Curious of your tips for home decoration. What is your action plan for switching up your home?

Happy Wednesday!



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  1. Hele goede post! Ik ben nu ook al zoveel aan het verzamelen voor later, maar ik weet ook zeker dat daar vast spullen tussen zullen zitten die ik misschien niet meer leuk vind over een tijdje.. tja!

    1. Thanks! Blijft natuurlijk lastig inderdaad. En misschien is een beetje experimenteren ook wel nodig om je eigen smaak te ontwikkelen? Ben benieuwd naar jouw stijl! Fijn weekend alvast.

  2. Great post <3

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