Although I cannot make it to DGTL, I am so happy about the fact that the festival season is kicking off this weekend. Music, sun and happy people: a combination that can hardly go wrong. Last year, I attended three festivals and I intent to visit at least as many this year. This weekend though, DGTL is the place to be. The NDSM-docklands as festival location brings up so many memories already. I think my first festival experience was actually at NSDM. Anyway: more about DGTL!

DGTL festival at the NDSM-docklands

I love a good festival that combines music with art. So what I think is particularly interesting about DGTL is their art line up. DGTL ART is a collective that is noun for innovative lighting, epic sculptures and crazy acts.  I heard that there are going to be some big obstacles and strange looking creatures walking around. Think a bit sci-fi with striking thunders and lots of smoke. But whatever you expect, it will probably turn out to be weirder.

Amsterdam’s festival crowd and particularly the house and techno loving kind. 20 somethings up until thirty somethings. They will definitely be there. Remember that this is a house/techno festival, so prepare yourself for a loud bass and pitched sounds for the day.

This festival is pretty expensive. You already pay 50 euro’s for a day ticket. Some free festival advice from me to you: Buy your tickets a while in advance. You will not feel like you are spending a total of 100 euro’s on one day. You still are, but it is all about spreading the expenses... Still want to go though? You can get your tickets here.

The festival is located on the other side of the IJ, so you will have to take the ferry. While some people hate the ferry, I actually love to boat and check out Amsterdam from a less familiar point of view. You can check out the location of the NDSM-docklands here.

I am working on the blog this weekend mostly - conducting a few interviews with pretty interesting women! -, but as my boyfriend is partying at DGTL this weekend I will definitely get a whiff of the festival's vibe.

What are you up to this Easter?

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  1. Gaan heel veel mensen heen, ben er zelf niet geweest maar leek me achteraf wel heel leuk! Haha

    1. Hi Alexa, hoorde ook dat het heel leuk was. Volgend jaar zijn we er gewoon op tijd bij. :-)


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