buurman & buurman eetwinkel amsterdam west

buurman & buurman eetwinkel amsterdam west
buurman & buurman eetwinkel amsterdam west

As I am still a newbie in Amsterdam West - Bos en Lommer to be exact - I am running into cool places I did not know yet every time I go for a walk. Two weeks ago, me and my boyfriend went out for our traditional Saturday stroll when we stumbled upon Buurman & Buurman: a sharp looking biological deli, that serves pizza, salads and whatever that happens to be available at that point. Little did I know that Buurman & Buurman - Translated in English as Neighbor & Neighbor - are actually neighbors in real life. I have only been here once yet, but I will be back for more soon. It already is one of my favorite places in the neighborhood.

One year ago, while on a road trip to France, Paul and Coen decided to start this biological deli in order to provide our neighborhood with a good place for take away food. As the building on the corner of the street was uninhabited for years already, they decided to rent and renovate it. Simple as that. I mean, you have to love those men for turning a dream into reality right? Even if it was only for their courage. 

Luckily for us, they serve really good food too. Just as simple as their idea, but with great taste. They placed a big wood oven in the middle of the deli, in which they bake thin and deliciously tasting pizza's. I also tried the buckwheat salad. And for those of you who think that buckwheat is only something for health freaks, I can tell you that this salad was amazing. Also for true foodies. The ingredients were kind of how I use to make couscous salad: spinach, walnuts, pomegranate seeds, mint and coriander. At least, that is what I think that was in it. I am surely missing their secret ingredient, so all I can say is that you really should try this salad here once. 

Furthermore, they serve all kinds of biological soda's. From ginger to appel to cranberry, if you are into fresh tasting sparking lemonade this is your place to be.

Bos en Lommer locals. Particularly the young professionals - 25 to 40/ open minded/ no or little kids/ you know what I mean - that just bought their first home and are seeking for new and innovative places to hang out. 

Yes! I mean, take-away is always more expensive than cooking up a meal yourself, but with salads ranging from 7 to 9 euro's and pizza's selling at about 10 euro's the prices are reasonable. Especially when you realize that everything is home made with biological ingredients.

As you probably suspect by now, this place is to be found in Amsterdam West. Next to the Erasmuspark. If you happen to already live in this neighborhood, you should definitely have dinner here sometime. - You can already have dinner at the deli itself. - But maybe even better is to order a pizza or salad and go for a picknick in the park on a sunny day. At least I know that I will be doing that a lot this Summer. 

If you do not live in the neighborhood, but are looking for a low key deli to have a quick bite or to take away some pizza to take with you to the park, you should definitely try this place to. And I know that I may sound somewhat biased about my neighborhood, but the Erasmus park is a great place to hang out on a hot Summer's day too. Maybe even better than the incredibly crowded Vondelpark... Just sayin'!

You can find the deli here on the map, or you can check out their Facebook page. 

Furthermore, somehow today it already is Friday again! So TGIF!

What are your plans for tonight? Going out dancing or staying in to watch a movie?

Happy Friday!

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