fringes trend inspiration spring summer 2014

Earlier this week we talked about the seven musthaves for Spring/Summer 2014. Although I love a minimalistic look, I am so happy that fringes are back. So happy in fact, that I want to dedicate this week's Fashion School to them. Because although fringes were not on the top of everybody's list the past two years, they are truly iconic. And to me, they instantly give me that summery feeling. Festival season, here we come! 

I already hear you think. Festival season? Isn't that what this year's fringes are not about? I know, I know. The New Fringe is mixed with ethnic prints or has quite a minimalistic feel. Just think about the clothes that we would wear anyway, add some fringes and you are fine. But although that may be a little harsh to say, it is kind of true. In nothing do this years fringes reflect a cowgirl or rockstar feeling. Sophisticated, clean with a cosmopolitan feel, that is to me the best summary of the fringe anno 2014.

fringes trend inspiration spring summer 2014

Maybe the best example of this was seen in the Calvin Klein show. I am calling it minimalistic, but for Calvin - with creative director Francisco Costa - it might have meant the opposite. The normally very minimalistic label added some fringes in order to add a little bit of extravaganza. Dresses with low waists - a little '20s vibe - and some strategically placed ruffles rocked the last part of the show. 

fringes trend inspiration spring summer 2014

Marc Jacobs clearly had another vision for his Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Rubbing up agains the ethnical print trend, Jacobs showed look-a-like Hawaiian prints with lots of tassels. And although I must say that I like the overall look, those Hawaiian prints just do not cut it for me. 

fringes trend inspiration spring summer 2014

A more urban meets western girls was seen at Rodarte. An LA type of girl according to the designers. 

fringes trend inspiration spring summer 2014 daria werbowy

I think my favorite fringed piece is this one from - and correct me if I am wrong - Proenza Schouler though. It does not pretend to be anything else than a white shirt with black fringes. It is like Daria accidentally fell into a bowl of fringes and came out looking amazing. It is just like they are accidentally placed in all the right places. But Proenza did not do this accidentally obviously. That is why the label is so brilliant. 

So although I am adjusting to minimalistic fringes more and more, I might have a hard time not falling back into my love for Boho fringes. Especially around - yes - the festival season. But for the love of Fash-(f)un I will explore the New Fringe. I promise.

So curious about your opinion. 

What do you love more? The Boho fringe or the New Fringe?

Happy Sunday!

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