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I was just about to write this article when I clicked on AfterDRK's post that is titled Non-Ladylike. Funny, because this article is going to be just about that: The love for wearing boyish clothes. She writes: "[...] I have never been quite ladylike and I don’t think I ever will be. I used to climb in trees, only occasionally played with Barbie." And as I totally recognize that as the summary of my childhood, I can imagine the way she felt when her boyfriend asked her to "[...] maybe try look a little more feminine every now and then." Because not too surprisingly, I got the same question from my boyfriend recently.. 

I have always been more of the sporty type than the typical girly girl and with the years my style evolved more and more into an androgynous kind of look. I mean, I love a good dress but just most of the time not on me. When my boyfriend started dropping comments like "Where are you? I can not see you in these loose fitting clothes.", I knew I might have gone a little overboard. A boyish way of dressing is fine, but we have to keep appreciating the fact that we can choose from a wider range of clothes than the boys. So since a few weeks I am trying to find a new balance between the boyish - hello comfortzone - and feminine - am I really wearing heels on our Sunday stroll? -. 

I guess that I should go back to fashion school, to find out what works for me and what does not. Maybe my all time favorite icon Frida Kahlo can help me with this. She used to successfully balance the boyish with the feminine. Vary between suits and Mexican dresses and flowers in her hair. Lets see if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here we go! The 3 boyish girl felonies. 

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Felony 1: Wearing his clothes repeatedly.
I know, I know. His tees are just so comfortable and perfectly oversized. And I know that it is hard to find the perfect oversized white blouse in the women's department. It is just that while the typical romantic moment of a girl wearing the boy's blouse on a Sunday morning turns into something not so romantic when worn repeatedly and with jeans and loafers. Last week, when my other half finally got hold of his own blouse, he found out that I had made a stain on it. Oops. And I can tell you, my actions were not appreciated. But there is always a purpose for failing. I now know that I should get my own oversized blouse before it gets out of hand. It might even help if I concealed that fact that I bought it at the men's department. Fashion is all about perception right? So advice nr. 1: Keep it sexy! 

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Felony 2: Wearing outfits that are out of balance.
In all honesty, I do not think that this is a true felony. But that might just be the problem. I am talking wearing oversized with oversized, instead of mixing oversized with something form fitting. I know the rules say that the latter is the way to go, but I am a serial offender of this felony. And when worn right, I think this combination has to potential to be fashion perfection. 

Unfortunately though, I think I have no choice but to wear more form fitting clothes with my oversized clothes. At least if I am serious about this balancing thing. So I am sticking to boyfriend jeans with heels and oversized tees with skinny jeans. I think it is worth trying out for a while. 

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Felony 3: Staying in your comfort zone.
Good things never came out of comfort. Does not matter if we are talking work, personal life or fashion here. Staying in your comfort zone is the killer of all innovation and therefore, not so wise. Truth be told that on a typical day at work, my uniform is an oversized blouse - what else is new - and jeans. So you  would think that I am saving my sassy looks for the weekend right? Well, your wrong. Although I try to make to the most of it on a night out, in the daytime I am sticking to my uniform. So not much innovation going on there too.

Now this may seem worse than it is - if it is not, I really have a problem. -, but staying in your comfort zone is just so damn easy. So from now on I promise that I will not wear his clothes, balance the boyish with the feminine and experiment a little more. And above all, I will keep it real as J-Lo would say. Have some fun!

So there is a challenge! Curious if you struggle with the same or if you have the balancing thing all in the bag. 

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Ah je gaat de balans vast wel weer vinden!
    En lang leve Frida :)


    1. Thanks voor je vertrouwen Sjo! :-) En lang leve Frida inderdaad. Ben jij ook fan?


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