hotel droog amsterdam

hotel droog amsterdam
hotel droog amsterdam
hotel droog amsterdam
hotel droog amsterdam
hotel droog amsterdam
hotel droog amsterdam
hotel droog amsterdam

It is Friday, so time for one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam! Today I thought I would show you what is in my opinion the best concept store in Amsterdam: Hotel Droog. Droog hosts a gallery, interior design shop, a cafe and a real one bedroom hotel. And lucky for us girls, the store also hosts an amazing shop called Kabinet. I still remember the day that I found the Isabel Marant Bekkets here on a 50% sale. And I still remember deciding to not cave in. Although I was on a budget, I still regret the - lack of - inner strength of my fashion loving heart. From that day on, I really doubt my judgement in times of panic. - Read, not expected and earth shaking sales like this. - Anyway, Droog is one of my favorite places to hang out on a cloudy Sunday. Loosing myself in the beautiful art and design. And although the store is not really for a budget like mine, I can not help to gaze at the collections of Maison Martin Margiela, Rick Owens and other amazing designers when I am there.

Well if you are into beautifully designed fashion and furniture and love art and coffee, you can not leave Amsterdam without visiting Droog. As an Amsterdam citizen, I am really proud that Amsterdam hosts such a cool concept store. I mean, who does not want to sleep in a one bedroom hotel with a fairytalish looking garden and some cool stores right at your doorstep when on a city trip? 

For some inspiration for my own home, I love to check out the oddly shaped furniture and innovative solutions that Droog comes up with for otherwise ordinary things on a regular basis. And for my own wardrobe I like to get inspired by the beautiful collections at Kabinet of course.

Amsterdam's progressive crowd. Creative people that appreciate well-made and original products. Furthermore, tourists as it truly is an Amsterdam hotspot! 

Not so much, but some gazing, window shopping and drinking coffee come cheap. 

Droog is located near the Waterlooplein in the Staalstraat, so in the center of the city. Be sure to also visit the chocolate shop (almost) next door. I always feel like I am in Paris a bit when shopping for some chocolates here.

For more information about Kabinet and Hotel Droog, you can visit their website here. Enjoy!


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