leather sweatpants outfit inspiration fashion blogger

leather sweatpants outfit inspiration fashion blogger

You recognize those days that you would love to spend in bed, because the night before was just a little too much fun and your eyes are so puffy that you just do not want to run into anyone? Well, I do. And as that only happens to me in the weekends, I can not afford to spend all day in the comfiness of my sheets as I have to go out for birthday parties, a lunch with friends, a soccer game and what not. But who am I to complain, when it is 10 degrees outside and feels like Spring?

My solution are these leather sweats and my comfiest sneakers though. I ran into these sweats when I was in Haarlem last week and I just could not resist buying them. It seemed like the perfect combination: leather - my all time favorite fabric - and sweats - well, where do I begin the expression of my love? - The minute I wore them though, people started making funny comments like "Are you wearing Kanye's sweats?" or "Is Kim joining you today?". I did not really understand all the fuss, but some Googeling taught me that indeed Kanye is the leather sweats most important ambassador! Damn you Kanye! Just when I thought I discovered the best of both worlds it is Kanye who ruins all the fun. 

Googeling 'leather jogging pants' also taught me by the way that not only Kanye is a true fan, but that Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Cheryl Cole rock them too. But now I just do not know if they like them so much anymore. So I leave it up to you:

Are leather sweats a yay or nay?

Enjoy your weekend!

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