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Good morning you! I have decided to give this blog a little bit more OOMPF from now on. The OOMPF meaning that will give you just a little more context on what is going on in the fashion world than the average fashion blog. I noticed that I am still interested in the outfit pictures from other girls, but that I need more. I would like to define my own style again, meaning that I need to get my fashion information from a pure source. I need to go back to fashion school! On this journey to style individuality I would like to take you with me through the latest trends, hypes and alternatives, so that we can both learn about fashion's DNA. As we have seen a lot of pretty pastels last season and as we are still going to see them a lot next season, I decided to take the bull by the horns and address its style code. So pastels it is today!

Furthermore, I am going to link my themed posts to a certain day in the week. So Friday is for my favorite hotspots in Amsterdam and Sunday is for fashion school. Every wednesday I will post some kind of list. I am still figuring out which days of the week are best to post outfit pictures, but I guess that they are going to fit right in between the Wednesdays, Friday's and Sunday's. :-)

Okay, so let's start with its definition. According to the always trusted Wikipedia pastels are  the family of colors which have high value and low to intermediate saturation. The name comes from pastels, art media characteristic of this color family. The colors of this family are usually described as "soothing", "soft", "near neutral", "milky", "washed out", "desaturated", lacking strong chromatic content. I guess when summarized, pastel colors have a lot of white in them. And we love them. Although the past year pastels are really ruling the cat- and sidewalks, pastel trends go way back. Marie Antoinette loved them - I bet she was wearing a pastel dress when she told the poor French 'Let them eat cake'.- just as much as the girls in the roaring 20's and girls in the 60's and 70's. They just seem to never go out of fashion.

pastel trend spring summer 2014
pastel trend spring summer 2014

What I think is interesting to see is that although the pastels have not changed, the way we wear them did. For fall/winter 2013 we were supposed to wear them a little masculine and grungy. Oversized pastel silhouettes combined with chunky boots, preferably with those amazing Balenciaga ones. For spring/summer 2014 pastels go back to their roots: emphasizing femininity. And with Burberry Prorsum showing a lot of lace, see through blouses and pencil skirts, pastels have regained their innocence and sweetness. Good thing is that we are aloud to give the pastels some edge wearing silver or holographic details and accessoires.

I personally really like them a bit grungy though as it clashes a bit. Too sweet is just not for me. You probably noticed that already. I am really fond of the girly version for spring/summer though. Especially after watching The Great Gatsby and Mary Antoinette the movie.- Gosh would I love to immerse in that kind of luxury for a while.- But I guess I am just going to love that trend on others. I do have a weak spot for pastel colored hair though. But I guess that look will not cut it at work. In order to make up your mind about how to wear pastels this season, I selected some of my favorite pictures from my inspiration folder. 

Really curious of how - and if - you are going for some pretty pastels this spring/summer! 

Hope you enjoyed this first fashion school and happy Sunday!

pastel trend spring summer 2014 outfit
pastel trend spring summer 2014 outfit
pastel trend spring summer 2014 pink hair purple hair
pastel trend spring summer 2014 outfit coat
pastel trend spring summer 2014 outfit holographic

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  1. super leuk en interessant dat je dit doet! ik hou wel van pastels maar te zoetjes past niet bij mij dus ik zie deze kleur het liefst gemixt met iets stoers in de winter en iets sportiefs in de zomer :)


    1. Hi Sjo! Volgens mij zitten we op 1 lijn. Te zoet is niets voor ons. ;-) En leuk dat je enthousiast bent over deze nieuwe category! Fijne dag vandaag, x


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