stan smith 2014 trend outfit inspiration

stan smith 2014 trend outfit inspiration

Adidas relaunching their Stan Smiths next season is just the cherry on top of a trend that has been developing over the past seasons and of which minimalistic, comfortable and urban cool are the key words. Funny enough chunky flat shoes rule fashion more than anything right now. Something that I am quite happy but also surprised about. We have seen the Birks and we have seen the cut out boots on many fashion icons already and it seems like we are choosing comfort again next season. In various campaigns and blogs I have seen big coats, sweaters and trousers being combined with those blunt Stan Smiths. Or lookalikes of some sort. And I tell ya, it is going to be big. I feel it. So praise to genious that started all this and put us girls in such a comfortable and cool place this season!

But before you are clicking these timeless beauties home, make sure you know what you are getting into by watching this video. ;-)

Happy Monday!

Photo credits: Michael Kors - The Haute Persuit - Billie Rose - Arty Filles

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  1. Ze zien er stoer uit, doen me denken aan mijn middelbare schooltijd! Ook een beetje aan de K Swiss die toen zo populair waren ;)


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