essie grey nailpolish

essie grey nailpolish
Do you recognize this situation? I really hope you do, otherwise I am probably less of a woman than you. Or at least not appreciating all the joyish parts of being a woman. I am talking about nail polish here. Thick, colored and shiny nail polish. I almost never wear nail polish, because although I like the feeling of freshly done nails I hate to take it off when it starts to crack and crumble. And so I leave it on. For many weeks to come. In which my nails slowly take on their natural state again. It really is an awful sight and people around me do not hesitate to tell me that. But what can I say, I will probably never become a real beauty queen. Anyway, I must admit that I do always envy the girls with perfectly manicured hands. 

So I am trying it again today with this lovely grey/light blue tone from Essie. And I promise to take it off immediately when it starts to look like a big ol' mess. So if you see me flashing not so fresh looking nails on the blog, from now on put me in my place. Otherwise I am afraid that I will never learn. 

Are you fussy about perfectly manicured hands?

Happy Saturday!


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