Aaah black ankle boots. Who does not love them? I personally have a weak spot for almost any kind of black leather that comes in a shoe, but even then; black ankle boots are my favorite. It has been a while since I bought a new pair and I am rapidly wearing out my two pairs of biker boots. (Exhibit a, b and c.) So with sale season coming up - yes, I know that that season started already, but for me sale only starts at 50% off - I should better start paying attention to anything black, leather and ankle related that could be the perfect replacement of my old booties. 

I am in doubt what to buy though. Should I go for the big, buckled boots like I always do? Or should I go for something more refined and feminine? I am already eying on a few pairs of boots that I found online and I would love to get your opinion on them. So I give you, one by one, my wish list for December:

1. Black suede & fringed 

To me the perfect combination of boho-meets-rock. The little tassel at the ankles, the golden hardware and the nice price tag make it really hard to not click them home already.

2. Sky high
Although I am not the typical high heels kind of girl, I do love me some hight from time to time. Especially when combined with a sturdy heel that makes walking in heels a walk in the park. 

3. Oh so Marant
I do probably not have to tell you that these would go perfectly with that Marant biker jeans..

4. Buckled up!
Chains and buckles are hot this season! So I think I could not go wrong with this pair of tough boots. Might even be the perfect alternative to those amazing - but way to expensive - Balenciaga's.

5. To walk a marathon in
A girl just needs a pair of shoes that are comfortable and cool at the same time. I have seen a similar pair on blogger Anna and loved them immediately. Perfect for endless Christmas shopping sessions.

Oh my, there is just so much to choose from and you understand that I really need your help here. So I would love to know:

Which pair would you pick?


Ps. I found all of these boots on the Intreza website. Did not know that they sold Invito, Steve Madden and Diesel? Did you? Might save me an afternoon of strolling around town and hopping from store to store. The beauty online shopping. ;-) 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I would pick number 2, but i also like number 4!!!

    1. Hi Natalie, good to know! Nr 2 is definitely a good choice. :-) Have a great day!

  2. Reacties
    1. Hmm.. je bent al de tweede die voor nummer 2 gaat. Leuk!


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