I was not going to buy anything yesterday. Maybe only the fluffy sweater. But as I was really not going to stand in line for hours and hours I figured that I could fill my online basket easily at 10 'o clock. Only maybe.. Well, that story ended up going in a different direction than I thought! 

It started as I had planned: At 10 'o clock everything was available at I filled my basket to go to the checkout, (yes, by that time I figured that I could just buy a few things and return what I did not like or did not fit later on. Addict. :-)) but the moment I tried to click everything Marant home, the website went down for maintenance! No! This was not how I planned it. And as I was at work while all of this happened I was not able to spend a lot of time on this. So I figured that maybe Marant just was not for me.. 

After work though, I decided to just take a look at the nearest H&M store. And to my surprise, they actually still had a lot in stock! I ended up buying the outfit above. The bomber jacket was a no brainer and the pants actually were too. :-) I am still doubting to bring one of the two back though, since Marant does not come cheap. 

Later on I am going to shoot this outfit and let you decide. I am wondering: Did you buy into the Marant frenzy yesterday?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Je moet het bomberjack echt houden!! Die is echt geweldig:)

  2. Heb de kaartjes er al afgehaald...haha! Morgen zal ik een outfit met de bomber posten. Hij is inderdaad geweldig! :-)


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