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Now that we are finally - it all went pretty fast, but we just want to move so bad - moving this week we are running errands all the time. We had already packed the big stuff, but yesterday we also started packing our clothes, china, accessories and other day to day stuff. And as we sold almost all of our furniture - we already bought some new stuff too though, so do not worry - it is starting to get pretty empty around here. Not too comfortable and cosy, but as it means that The Move is getting really close now I really do not mind. I am excited even, because for me it marks a whole new chapter in my life. 

I have never really cared too much about my home and always felt like I would rather spend my money on clothing than on furniture. Although my passion for fashion has not decreased a bit, my passion for interior design is starting to grow. Such a pity money wise, but I can not help it. I guess it has to do with the fact that for the first time, I am moving into my own place. I already live on my own for 8 years now, but for the first time the house is really mine. I mean, I bought the damn place! Can you imagine? It all still seems so surreal. 

The fact that my love for interior design is starting to grow means that my blogrol is growing at that same pace. On one of my favorite interior design blogs I bumped into a series of articles about Dutch blogger's homes. And as I am a sucker for everything 'real life' related, I thought that you might want to take a peek in Sabrina's, Chloe's and Leroy's homes. 

Who's home do you like best?

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  1. Ik krijg nu helemaal zin om mijn huis eens flink te gaan veranderen. Maar moet ik nog even mee wachten, eerst maar weer eens sparen haha.


  2. Ze hebben alle drie wel echt mooie huizen!


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